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How To Fix Squeaky Hardwood Floors?


By angelesflooring, November 26, 2021

Do you want to fix the noisy hardwood and carpeted floors, do those squeaky floors drive you crazy? Read further to get a solution.

Squeaky wood floors are the common problem and to your surprise, it is a perfect do-it-yourself task. And is surely inexpensive. The reason for this squeak in your floors typically happens after the house has settled and that flooring lumber has dried out and shrunk. As you walk across the floor, boards rub against each other or slide against nail shafts to produce creaky and squeaky floors.

And obviously, everyone would prefer to have quiet floors instead of creakiness. However, a squeaky floor signifies an older home with noisy spaces, even while selling the place the squeaky floors can lower the prices. Hence needs attention.

But Do You Know What Causes Floor Squeaks?

  • Because the nails or staples that no longer handle the floorboard tight, instead are rubbing through that hole.
  • Two floorboards rubbing each other
  • Metal duct-work in the flooring against the hole brings the duct up the floor level.
  • Uneven joists rubbing against the floors

Fortunately, there are various techniques that are much easier than replacing them. So if you are tired of the squeaky floors too, here are some ways to silence them.

If your Squeak Needs Repairing from the Below

1. Locate the Squeak 

You can ask your friend or a family member to walk around the room that has squeaky floors. When they arrive at a noisy spot, use painter’s tape indicating where you would need to work

2. Shim the Floorboard

Creaky floors occur when the sub floors separate from the joists, after knowing the location place a wood shim in the middle of the sub floor and floorboard. And if the squeaking stops take out the shim apply the carpenter glue to that specific area and put it again.

3. Pull the Floor Layers Together

Wood shims would possibly separate the flooring materials hence a product named squeak-ender does the opposite as it pulls the flooring layers together. This can help effectively bring the layers back into their true state.

4. Sister the Boards

With a sturdy two-by-four, you can cure a bent twisted, or damaged joist as it increases its thickness. By joining the piece of wood to floorboards or sub floor and attaching it with nails.

5. Glue The Flooring 

Run a long bead of construction adhesive in the seam between the joists and the floorboards or sub floor.

6. Create Lateral Control

Though vertical control is important, sometimes even lateral control tends to be important. In case your joists lack blocking or the current blocks may not be doing their job. So what you can do is cut 2×8 boards in order to fit between those midpoints, tap them in a place, then hammer them into the joists with the help of nails.

If your Squeak Needs Repairing from the Above

1. Powdered Graphite

You can also use powdered graphite or say baby powder on your floors. That one is a quick fix for the creaky hardwood floors. Your engineered hardwood or solid hardwood floorboards might be squeaking because there may not be enough space between them and hence the pieces are rubbing together. And the remedy to this problem can definitely be applying powdered graphite between the boards.

You can use a soft cloth or a brush to blend it between the seams. And later clean the rest of the mess with the vacuum.

2. Humidifier

It sometimes happens that your wood flooring becomes much dry and thus the squeaking starts. In that case, all you have to do is put a humidifier in that area to increase its moisture content. Doing this can only fix your creaky and squeaky floors.

3. Refasten Subfloors

Firstly by locating the joist nearest the squeak, proceed by a depth-control fixture on the carpet directly over the joist. To prevent the catching on the carpet strands you should wrap the transparent tape around one of the screws. Now remove the fixture, tip it sideways and insert the screw head into a slot in the top of that fixture. And continue with it until it reaches the lower surface of the floors.

4. Nail through the Floors

Drill a pilot hole at an angle through the floorboard first. And just above a joist, later using a hammered nail a 1-inch finish nail through that pilot hole. Countersink the nail. Cover that tiny hole with the matching wood filler. And right after it is dried, gently sand it down.

If you need assistance fixing the squeaky floors at your place, you can schedule an appointment with Angeles Flooring. To help you take care of proper floor material we can guide you appropriately. You can mail us on or (818) 626-7663if you have any questions for products or services.