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Is Laminate Flooring Over Tile a Good Option?


By angelesflooring, January 28, 2022

Spare yourself from the trouble of removing tiles and instead place your new flooring on existing tiles. This might seem like an unrealistic idea and sound impossible. Laminate is one of the best floating flooring options for your home and is comparatively easier to install and even easier to clean. It also adds value to your place. The main question is if one can install laminate flooring over tiles.

The answer is YES, you can! You can surely put laminate flooring over tiles whether it is in the living room or the bathroom. It is because the laminate floors do not depend on adhesion to the surface that is beneath them. The presence of moisture does not affect their functionality. However, there are several factors to consider prior to attempting this. This article provides more information on installing laminate flooring over tiles. 

Considerations and Certain Conditions One Needs to Priorly Check

  • Tile Conditions: If and only if your tiles are in decent shape and do not have any loose or any type of cracks, you can lay laminate flooring over tiles. Cracked or broken tiles  are typically not in level and can protrude as well hence it is not recommended one attempt to install laminate flooring over them.
  • Floor Height: The floor height will increase which can give rise to innumerable new problems. It can affect the door thresholds, flooring transitions, and much more. A thin prefinished engineered hardwood or laminate will be suitable. It’s because this material is either glued down, floated, or uses a click and lock system. So keep around ⅜-inch gap around the perimeter in order to allow the expansion and hence can easily fit.
  • Underlayment: There is no moisture barrier beneath so the tile layer themselves acts like one. However, it would be great to lay the underlayment under the laminate floor in order to provide a warm underfoot and even play an important role in moisture protection. And if the laminate flooring has an attached underlayment  then additional underlayment is not necessary.

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How do you lay Laminate Floor Over Tile?

  1. Start by inspecting the tiles. In case those tiles are cracked, chipped, or loose you’ll be better off chipping the old tilling away. On the other hand, if the tiles are in good shape you can proceed to lay down laminate floors. 
  2. Verify the thickness and check if adding the laminate floors on tiles won’t minimize the height of your entryways and rooms. 
  3. Level the tiled floor now because doing this prevents future plank separation. Leveling is usually done using a leveling compound that fills in the troughs. Doing this results in a smooth and uniform surface. 
  4. Install an underlayment if your laminate floors don’t have it. 
  5. Finish off the process by laying down your laminate floor planks over the tile surface. Ensure to stagger them for added structural strength. Additionally, ensure the end joints of planks in adjacent rows do not coincide with each other.

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