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Most Popular Flooring Options & Benefits of Opting Vinyl Flooring


By angelesflooring, December 22, 2021

Home renovation is something about all homeowners need to deal with at some point in time. The home floors happen to be the largest surface in our home hence it does make sense to put some time and effort into selecting the right one. The type of flooring right for you depends on your budget, lifestyle, and personal taste. There are several other factors that influence our decision while selecting the best flooring like the location, basic requirements, etc.

There are many types of flooring options however, vinyl flooring is one of the most popular ones since it is available in various textures and styles. There are more options for luxury vinyl flooring than before and it is ideal for those who are looking to add a unique touch to their house. This article provides more information on the various types of flooring and the benefits of opting for vinyl flooring.

Types of Flooring Options

1.) Hardwood flooring: Hardwood flooring can be that from maple, oak, walnut, or cherry. It is highly versatile, strong, and durable. It is ideal for those looking to increase the value of their homes. However, it happens to be more expensive and susceptible to moisture damage.

2.) Laminate flooring: This is the best alternative to carpet and it is also not as expensive as hardwood. It is also easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and available in various colors. On the other hand, it chips easily,and does not feel like wood, is vulnerable to moisture, and will have a hollow sound.

3.) Tile: Opt for tiles in bathrooms and kitchen areas since these are moisture-prone areas where ceramic or porcelain tiles might be the best option. It is waterproof, durable, and also lasts long. However, it is hard to install and is on the expensive side, requires plenty of work to install, and is slippery.

4.) Stone flooring: Natural stone is a good choice when it comes to indoor flooring, it is also quite popular. It is strong, durable, waterproof, and also bold & elegant. But at the same time, it also happens to be more expensive, harder to maintain, slippery, and requires lots of effort to install.

5.) Vinyl flooring: This type of flooring is water-resistant and does not get damaged easily. It is essentially made of plastic and is available as tile, plant, and sheet. This type of flooring is suitable for all rooms , kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, basement, etc. It is highly durable, easy to maintain, and available in various designs and colors.

Benefits of Opting Vinyl Flooring

1.) Vinyl flooring is very similar to hardwood and concrete in appearance.

2.) It is not very expensive to install compared to the other options.

3.) It does not get damaged easily and is also easy to clean.

4.) Vinyl has the sheen of natural wood, but is water-resistant, does not fade hence ideal for any room including bathrooms and kitchens.

5.) This is very strong and durable, the fact that it is waterproof is an added advantage.

6.) These are available in various color and styles.

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